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At the heart of our process is the consultation and design stage. By getting this right we ensure maximum benefit for your budget and requirements. You can get started with solar by completing our easy-to-use design form or contact us to discuss further.


We only sell quality products from recognised manufacturers and distributors. All to NZ standards with fully supported technical back up. View our products.


Our team of installers are highly qualified and experienced, headed by a Master Electrician, and are dedicated to ensure your systems are installed correctly and to the relevant standards. 
No short cuts.

Grid connect

We take care of all grid-tied logistics, including application to the lines company to connect to the grid and installation of an import/export meter.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not do off grid systems



Schools are an investment in our community and having solar power enhances this investment with excellent financial and social returns. Schools operate during daylight hours which maximises savings from solar generation and consumption, returning much needed funds that can be used in other areas.

School with playground and kids
Mt Taranaki in background with house with solar panels on roof


Whether building new or living in existing home, we have a solution for your individual situation. How much of your power costs would you like to save? Let us design a system suited to your budget and requirements. 

Want to get started with solar? Complete our easy-to-use design form or contact us to discuss a solution for you.


Over 80% of commercial installations are on leased premises. So whether owner occupied or leasing, utilising solar to power your business during the day will increase your bottom line dramatically. Not to mention the goodwill in the community of being a producer of renewable energy. Green is the new black. Click here to complete your personalised design form. Also, check out Our lease-to-own option could work for you

Factory with solar panels on roof
Solar Panels in field


Farms can be significant users of power. Installing solar on your farm will not only save on energy costs, it shows the community that you care about creating a renewable future. Inquire now

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