Waitara, 16 panel, split array system.

Waitara, 16 panel, split array system.

Featuring an East/West split array, this 16-panel, 4 kw grid-tied syetem is proving to be a winner with our customers.

With the addition of a PV diverter to their HWC to maximise hot water costs, this system is saving over 60% of our customers power costs. Powering a spa & swimming pool, using built in timer features, our customers say "we are stoked, over the moon" with their solar investment. 

With an ROI (return on investment) of 13% in year 1, and rising over the years in line with power price rises, our customers have combined a great investment with helping the climate. This system, over its lifetime, will eliminate 40-50 tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere. A great result for them and a great result for our planet.

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