What Benefits Does Solar Power Offer?

Solar power provides both the end user (business or household) and the environment with numerous benefits. This is true whether you install solar panels on a new build or existing building, have a battery or feed excess energy back into the grid and even if your roof installation area is in partial shade.

As installers for solar energy systems in New Plymouth and the surrounding Taranaki region, we frequently hear that our customers wish they had begun using solar earlier and taken advantage of the benefits it offers. We encourage you to get in touch with us today and book a free no-obligation assessment on the installation of a solar energy system for your home or workplace.

Key Benefits of Using Solar Power

As electricity prices continue to rise and we face the ever-present risk of electricity rationing and power cuts, solar power looks even more appealing to New Zealanders. The installation and usage of a solar energy system can offer multiple benefits, including:

  • reducing electricity bills, especially if you can use a lot of power during the day or store it for nighttime usage instead of buying back from the grid.
  • sell energy to the grid, although there is only a small financial benefit in doing this. For the latest rates, please check with your electricity provider.
  • long term energy solution, with the life expectancy of a solar panel around 15-25 years.
  • likely increase in the appeal of your property, which can raise its value should you sell. Solar panels also look attractive and can improve the curb appeal of your property too.
  • reduction of natural resources used to create energy, such as coal and water used by electricity providers.
  • helping contribute to a cleaner greener environment, as energy is made using sunlight. 
  • protection against power cuts if you can store energy in a battery storage system. Depending on your system, you could also go 100% off grid.
  • solar panels require minimal maintenance, and we're on hand to assist if required.

Our article Is Solar the Right Choice for You discusses four reasons why it could be and is worth a read if you are sitting on the fence about installing solar. We offer a free no-obligation quote and assessment which we encourage you to take advantage of, and our article Roof Orientation and Suitability for Solar explains the areas we consider when installing a solar energy system.

Posted: Wednesday 4 August 2021

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