Key Considerations Before Installing Solar

Whether you're wanting to a greener energy option, to reduce your power bills or go off-grid, installing solar on a home or workplace is a big decision. Doing your due diligence is key when installing solar, and we're seeing more customers reaching out to learn more about the installation process, the products and the costs involved. 

Looking to Install Solar? Read This First!

Thanks to the many benefits solar power provides users, its popularity continues to grow throughout Taranaki. It's important to have a solid understanding about how solar works, and the products available, as well as these key considerations when deciding to install solar:

  • Roof condition - is the roof in good condition or in need of repairs? Does it require painting or moss removal? Before solar panels are installed, make sure that all repairs or re-roofing is completed first to avoid additional costs.
  • Roof orientation and suitability - does your roof have an optimal pitch? Is it positioned to maximise sun exposure? Is it structurally sound to withstand the additional weight of a solar power system? Our article Roof Orientation and Suitability for Solar Power covers these and further aspects in more detail.
  • Battery storage and EV charging - do you want a unit that is compatible with battery storage to install now, or is this something you'd consider in the future? Do you have, or will you have in the future, an electric vehicle requiring a charging station? Planning for future needs and usage at the installation stage can provide significant cost savings later on.
  • Energy usage - how much energy does your workplace or home use? Is energy used mostly during the day, at night or both? Conducting an energy audit can help you identify potential savings in your power bills. Our team can help you to do this; simply add details about your premises, type of heating and appliances, along with a recent power bill on our Enquiry Design Form. We'll come back to you with an estimate of the cost of installing solar, and calculations on how much your electricity bill may be reduced after installation is complete.
  • On grid or off grid - do you want to retain a connection with an energy supplier, feeding excess energy to them collected from your panels and purchasing from them when your available energy is exhausted? Or do you want to go completely off-grid and have your own battery storage system? 
  • Finance - finance for solar is available through a range of sources for both home and business owners. Take a look through our current list of finance options available for our customers.

We're more than happy to discuss the specific requirements of your property's solar system installation. Give us a call for a chat or to arrange a time for us to visit and organise a quote. 

Posted: Tuesday 5 October 2021

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