Roof Orientation and Suitability for Solar Power

As solar power grows in popularity, homeowners are understandably seeking more information about their home's suitability for it. At Taranaki Solar, we take the time to individually analyse a property's suitability for solar power with each enquiry we receive. As well as the amount of electricity used and the times of peak usage, we also look to identify the types of appliances heating and other specific features of your home (view our Enquiry Form for further details).

Additional key considerations we look further into are your roofing size, profile and material, as well as its position and condition which we will further discuss today.

Is My Roof Suitable for Solar?

Almost every home has a roof which is suitable for the installation of solar panels. Though the ultimate decision rests with the installers, as a homeowner, you can assess your home's suitability by considering its:

  • Orientation - to maximise sun exposure, the best roof orientations are north, northwest or northeast. However, east and west orientated roofs may also be suitable depending upon the times of your peak electricity usage. Then there is the opportunity to install stand alone solar panels on a ground fixture to get the best orientation.
  • Condition - a roof doesn't last forever, and as such will require regular maintenance and even replacement. Take into the consideration the condition of your roof as if the panels are installed upon a poorly maintained roof, they may need to be removed and then reinstalled. If you are considering replacing your roof in the near future, it's best to do so before installing solar panels. 
  • Pitch - the best roof pitch angle will vary depending upon where your home is located. However, if your roof pitch is less (or more) than desirable, we can mount your solar panels onto tilts to achieve the optimal position.
  • Size - the energy requirements of your home will determine our recommendation for the quantity of panels and best solar power system to install. Your roof also needs to have a suitably sized area available for the panel installation too.
  • Shading - the amount of shading your roof receives directly impacts upon where we can mount your panels and the type of system to use. Ideally your panels should receive minimal shading from other buildings, trees, chimneys and other roofing fixtures. We can assess the level of shading it receives and then make suitable recommendations.
  • Structure - a solar power system can be heavy, making it vital that the structure of your roof is sound. This will require a physical check by us before we can begin the installation process.

Next Steps in Assessing Your Home's Suitability for Solar Power

As solar power becomes more affordable, we find homeowners are actively seeking out further information on installation for their properties. We are happy to provide a free estimate specifically for your home on costs and the best solar product options. Please contact us directly for further details or complete our Enquiry Form and we'll be in touch ASAP. 

Posted: Wednesday 9 June 2021

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