Solar Power On the Farm

Considering solar power on the farm? A tailored solar energy solution can be developed for any size farm, lower energy bills and reduce overheads. There's a lot to consider when going solar and the best option is to have a chat with us right at the beginning of the process. Get in touch with Tony and he'll arrange a time to visit and discuss options with you.

Benefits of solar power for farmers

Within Taranaki, the main agri-businesses are dairy and horticulture, both of whom are frequent energy users. The key benefits for both of these of installing solar energy include:

  • reduction in energy costs
  • reduced reliance on the grid
  • clean, green and sustainable energy source
  • reduced carbon footprint

While there is an initial cost to install solar, this can be quickly mitigated with the reduction in utility costs. Energy savings can then be reinvested into the farm and assist with business growth.

On a dairy farm, solar can meet the milking shed's energy requirements, including powering the milking machines, climate control and refrigerators. Solar panels are easily installed upon the roof or ground mounted, and batteries can be included also. On a horticultural focused property, solar can assist with the operation of water pumps and irrigation devices, power garden appliances, charge batteries and assist with heating/cooling solutions.

Going solar on the farm

A farm requires a completely customised solar energy solution.  Like with our home and business installations, we can design a system based upon the information you give us via our solar enquiry form, as well as a visit to your farm. We will work with you through the entire process and design a system which meets your farm's requirements.

On the farm, you can have a solely grid connected system or a battery connected one. If your farm uses most of the energy during daylight hours, then a battery system may not be required. If there are significant needs during the night or low light times, a battery connected system will store energy unused from the day and retain it for use when required. Both have the ability to draw down from the grid when required and the option of selling excess power back into the grid. 

There is also the option to install solar for additional farm and residential buildings too. To learn more and obtain a free quote to install solar on your farm, get in touch with us today. 

Posted: Tuesday 12 April 2022

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