Commercial Solar Power and the Benefits for Your Business

Solar power can provide multiple benefits for your business, the most significant being lower electricity costs. Solar energy, which is captured by solar panel installations, can be and is used successfully by commercial operations throughout Taranaki and New Zealand. Whether you lease or own commercial premises, your large unobstructed roof space gives you numerous options to take advantages of the benefits of commercial solar.

Benefits of Commercial Solar Power 

One of the largest overhead costs a business has is electricity, and this cost can fluctuate significantly throughout the year. With many businesses having their highest level of electricity consumption during daylight hours, the installation of solar panels can be significantly beneficial to their bottom line. Additional benefits of commercial solar installations can include:

  • reduced carbon footprint - help reduce your business' carbon emissions and negative environmental impacts.
  • budget certainty - you'll develop an accurate understanding of what your ongoing power costs will be by a few months after installation. 
  • green business image - it's time to show your customers that you walk the talk, demonstrating that your business is aware of and working towards lowering its environmental impacts.
  • reduced reliance on grid supply - the uncertainty of power outages and fluctuating grid costs become less of a concern when your business uses solar energy. The installation of a battery storage system can help meet your business' energy needs during periods of reduced energy product and night time.
  • property improvements - the installation of a solar energy system can raise the appeal of a commercial property, as well as the value. This can assist greatly when selling the property, as well as being a positive feature in attracting commercial tenants.
  • low maintenance - once installed, solar panels require minimal maintenance such as cleaning, visual inspections and shade prevention. Take a read of our article to learn more about inverter and solar panel maintenance requirements. 

Taking Advantage of Commercial Solar Energy Benefits

Taranaki Solar are firm believers in supporting local businesses, focused on providing exceptional customer service and the best solar, EV charging, battery storage systems and heat pumps for our customers. We would welcome the opportunity to visit your commercial premises and discuss the specific energy requirements of your business, as well as provide a detailed quote for your solar energy system. You can contact us via phone, email or through our website contact form.

Alternatively, complete our Commercial Design Form and we will make a comprehensive recommendation on the most suitable products and their associated costings for your buildings. We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you into the growing number of Taranaki businesses who have made the switch to solar energy. 

Posted: Monday 17 January 2022

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