Your Guide to Going Solar

There are multiple benefits to achieve by having your Taranaki home or business go solar. Like you, homeowners, landlords and businesses are taking advantage of the many benefits a solar power system can provide, including:

  • reducing their electricity bills and sell excess energy back to the grid
  • increasing the appeal and value of their property, with increased curb appeal
  • reducing their usage of natural resources and achieve a smaller carbon footprint
  • contributing towards a greener environment
  • obtaining protection from power cuts by storing energy in a battery storage system

Now that you've made the decision to go solar too, you'll be wanting to know what happens next. We've put together this short guide which will walk you through each of the five steps.

5 Steps to Going Solar

There are five key steps that to follow once you've made the call to go solar:

  1. Property review - through our Design a System page, let us know details about your property type, roof profile, appliances used, water heating, cooking, number of residents and who is at home during the day. Uploading a power bill is important, as we use this in our assessment process.
  2. Design and quote - using the information you have provided, we will design the best system for your property and energy usage. We will identify the best position for your solar panels and provide you with a quote.
  3. You will need to accept our quote, complete any paperwork we give you and arrange finance if required.
  4. We will arrange a time to complete an onsite appraisal of your property. We will then review our original design and make any tweaks required.
  5. Next comes the installation of your solar panels, inverter, meter or storage system, along with all other required electrical wiring up to the grid. We'll give you all of the paperwork required to share with your chosen power company and instruct you on usage and maintenance of your new system.

Key Information About YOUR Solar System Installation

All PV or photovoltaic systems must be installed to meet the standards AS/NZS 3000 and AS/NZS 5033. Therefore, they must be installed by a licensed electrician who can issue a CoC or Certificate of Compliance. This means that the solar power installation has been completed by a licensed electrician, tested and meets all of the required safety standards set by law.

Your solar installation will be tailored specifically to meet your energy needs, types of appliances, number of users and future energy predictions. We will select the most suitable roof positioning for your panels. As they have a lifespan of around 25 years, it is best to ensure that your roof is well maintained to avoid the need to remove and reinstall the solar panels.

If you are considering adding an energy storage system in the future, let us know because we will need to install a suitable inverter or a new suitable inverter will be required upon battery installation.

Here at Taranaki Solar we are a full-service company, which means we supply, install, and take care of all your power company logistics. With over 50 years of combined experience amongst our team, you can rely upon us to deliver you with the best solar power system in all of Taranaki! Visit our showroom or complete our Design a System form to arrange a free quote today. 

Posted: Thursday 27 October 2022

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