Should You Install a Heat Pump at Home?

Residential heat pumps are very good at providing both heating and cooling to a home. Cost effective to run, a heat pump performs on average at the same rate as three electric fan heaters, but uses the energy of only one heater. Designed to heat a single room or large open space, many home owners and landlords are installing heat pumps over other forms of heating.

A heat pump consists of two parts; the indoor wall mounted heat pump unit and the outdoor condenser. Indoors, the unit is usually mounted high on a wall in the best position to heat the space. Behind the unit outside, there is a ducting and tubing system which leads to the condenser. This unit is positioned in an open area outdoors on a flat firm surface. 

Benefits of installing a heat pump

There are multiple advantages received by choosing to install a heat pump at home. They include:

  • low running costs
  • highly effective at heating and cooling
  • low in maintenance
  • quiet
  • offer lower carbon emissions
  • improved safety over other heat sources
  • can offer dehumidifying and air filtering properties

While installing a residential heat pump costs more than a panel or gas heater, we and other heat pump users recognise the significant benefits it can provide.

Choosing the right heat pump for your home

Generally a home has one heat pump installed in the main living space. As an installer, we will visit your home, discuss what your best options are in terms of heat pump brands and types, sizes and functions, and provide you with a free quote

We will be taking into consideration:

  • size of space or spaces needing heating
  • existing insulation and windows, plus house construction materials
  • best position for installation indoors and outdoors - wall, ceiling or floor
  • most suitable type of heat pump - split, multi-spilt or ducted system
  • features required,  including WiFi, human presence sensor, ionization, cooling and dehumidifying

To arrange a time for us to visit and provide a quote to install a heat pump in your home, call Tony today on 0800 787 652 or through our contact page.

Posted: Wednesday 10 August 2022

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