Do I Need Solar Battery Storage?

Should you be considering including battery storage with your solar panels? Or is just having solar panels right for you? We explore the reasons when you may want to consider having battery storage included in your installation package, or added to an existing system. 

What is Solar Battery Storage?

Solar batteries store the unused energy collected by your panels throughout the day, and provide it for use when there is little to no solar energy available. There are three common types of solar batteries: lithium-ion, lead-acid and lithium iron phosphate, with the system type and inverter used dictating the best battery option.

Solar batteries can be stored indoors or outside, and as your installers, we will identify the best position for them. 

How Battery Storage Works

The energy generate by your solar panels is first passed through a DC or direct current into your inverter. The resulting AC or alternating current electricity is then sent to where it is currently needed by appliances in use.  Any excess solar power then moves to charge the battery, which will be drawn upon when required. 

Reasons to Utilise Solar Battery Storage

There are both pros and cons of solar battery storage, and it is not essential to add one to your solar energy system. There are multiple benefits though, with three key reasons being:

  • reduced electricity costs - by storing excess solar energy collected during the day, you are able to reduce the amount you draw from the grid. This is especially useful during those peak hours in the morning and evening when rates can be higher.
  • less reliance on the grid - if you have a battery connected to your PV system, your property gets to keep its lights on during power cuts by using the stored energy. Great for commercial and residential Taranaki properties where electricity supplies are less than reliable.
  • affordability - it is becoming more affordable to purchase battery storage thanks to the improved technology, efficiency and longevity of the lithium-ion batteries.
  • low buy back - electricity providers currently offer only a low value amount when buying any excess energy made by your system. Then when purchasing energy back, you pay a higher rate. Storing the energy in your battery to use at a later time is preferable.

We are more than happy to discuss whether battery storage is suitable for your solar energy system, and have a variety of solar batteries available for installation. To obtain a free quote, simply complete our enquiry form, include details of your property, and we'll get right onto it. 

Posted: Thursday 17 November 2022

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