Features and Benefits of Panel Optimisers

Have you considered the benefits of installing panel optimisers with your solar installation? Suitable for both new and retro fitted installations, a panel optimiser can be added to your solar panels with the aim of increasing their output. In this article, we will explain more about how it works, as well as the benefits of having panel optimisers with your system.

How Does a Solar Panel Optimiser Work?

A panel optimiser attaches to a solar panel and are guaranteed to increase your solar production. They mitigate any shading that occurs for a panel and help to smooth out discrepancies in the panel manufacturing process, resulting in greater output and delivering superior returns on your investment.

When panel optimisers are attached, each panel can work independently from one another for a more efficient solar system and bypasses the panel that is not working at total capacity. This is in comparison to when a panel optimiser is not present, and the traditional string of panels only performs as good at the shaded panel. 

Benefits of Using Panel Optimisers

The key benefit of a panel optimisers is that they maximise the output of your panels, which in turn creates more solar energy for your property. This can be used at the time or stored for later usage, resulting in lower electricity bills. 

The installation of panel optimisers is likely to provide you with a speedier return on investment, ensuring that any shaded or underperforming panels do not affect your energy production. 

Just as solar panels have been designed to work under a variety of weather conditions, so will panel optimisers. They must be installed by professional installers such as ourselves, and we will help you identify which optimiser best suits your needs. 

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Possible inplications of shading.

This can be from trees, other buildings, cloud cover, objects on your roof (chimnet outlets etc)

With panel optimisers 

Posted: Sunday 3 July 2022

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