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  • Fronius GEN24 Inverters

Your energy revolution, your solution: With the Fronius GEN24 inverter, you can make flexible and direct use of the solar energy you generate at home.

With the Fronius GEN24 Plus, on the other hand, you can get 24 hours of sun. That’s because a battery storage system can be connected to this hybrid inverter, making you even less dependent on the grid.

Electricity, heating, cooling, e-mobility – everything is possible.

Full solar power for your energy revolution with the Fronius GEN24 and the Fronius GEN24 Plus. Designed to empower.

Fronius GEN24 variants;

– Fronius GEN24* | Basic backup power function PV Point Primo (single phase) 3–6 kW Symo (three-phase) 3–10 kW

– Fronius GEN24 PLUS** | Backup power variants | Battery connection Primo (single phase) 3–6 kW Symo (three-phase) 3–10 kW GEN24 & GEN24 Plus

* Can be upgraded with Fronius UP. Available in selected countries via the webshop.

** The Full Backup option is available for the Primo GEN24 3.0–6.0 Plus and the Symo GEN24 6.0–10.0 Plus.

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