What Are Solar Array Ground Mounts?

Solar panels are traditionally roof mounted, but sometimes this is unsuitable due to the roof structure or size, the solar panel system size or roof orientation. Solar array ground mounts are then used instead and in areas which have sufficient open space and sun exposure. 

What Are Solar Array Ground Mounts?

Ground mounted solar arrays are available in a range of sizes, from small households through to large commercial and utility scale installations. Because of this, there are two main types of ground mount installations:

  • Standard ground mount - the racking table that supports the solar panels uses ground anchors which are secured using concrete piers, driven piers, concrete ballasts or helical piles. A standard ground mount system usually holds the solar array in a fixed position, are the most commonly used solution.
  • Pole mount - a pole mounted solar array is when one large hole is used, rather than multiple little ones and provide a greater ground clearance. Sometimes they can be designed to track the sun. Our Clenergy Solar Array Ground Mounts are suitable for large scale commercial and utility scale installations, can be used on uneven ground and save time and money because of the high quality engineered components. 

Pros and Cons of Ground Mounted Solar Panel Systems

There are quite a few benefits and disadvantages to choosing to use ground mounted solar arrays rather than rooftop solar panel systems. 

The advantages include:

  • no drilling into your roof is required 
  • solar panels can be set at the optimum angle for energy production
  • likely generate more electricity as they can be specifically angled for the sun
  • easy to access for maintenance
  • can be more easily expanded if required in the future

The disadvantages include:

  • an area of land is required
  • preparation of land is necessary
  • additional wiring is usually necessary to connect the panels to the home
  • installation takes longer and digging is required
  • if installed near the building, it can impact upon views and property aesthetic

A ground mounted solar array works exactly the same as one that is roof mounted; it is the installation process which is different. It uses the same types of PV solar panels and inverters, and also requires a racking system. The key difference is that the support for the racking system must be constructed and the panels are positioned well above the ground. 

How Much Do Solar Array Ground Mounts Cost?

Our team are happy to provide you with a no obligation quote for a ground mounted solar panel system installation. Simply complete our enquiry form and tell us about your property and energy requirements, and we' will be in touch.

Posted: Thursday 1 December 2022

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