Pros and Cons of Solar Battery Storage

Solar panel batteries have become more common place thanks to technological advances which have improved their capabilities and lowered their costs. But are they something you should purchase with your system upfront, install a few years down the track or avoid altogether? In this article, we'll take you through the pros and cons of solar battery storage to help you decide.

Pros of Solar Battery Storage

Solar batteries have long been seen as a luxury and not something required where mains power still remains. But gone are the days when they were only wanted those going off-grid.  Many property owners are investing in battery storage because:

  • energy backup - energy is available to use if mains electricity is unavailable
  • low maintenance - like the rest of the system, there is minimal maintenance required by the property owner
  • energy saving - if day usage is limited, there will be plenty of stored energy to use at night, which reduces electricity bills
  • off grid capabilities - it is possible to go completely off grid and avoid mains electricity if the system is suitable for your needs
  • reduce carbon footprint - by using less mains electricity, you are able to lower your carbon footprint and use solar energy instead

Cons of Solar Battery Storage

Before installing a solar panel system, it is important you make a decision as to if you are going to require battery storage either now or in the future. Some inverters are not suitable to work with a battery and if one is required in the future, additional costs for either a new inverter or conversion will be needed. When deciding whether solar storage is for you, it is important to also consider the possible disadvantages:

  • cost - regardless of the model chosen a solar battery will come with additional costs based upon the requirements of your home or workplace
  • lifespan - each battery has its own cycle life, or the number of times it can be discharged before needing replacement
  • additional space - the storage system will take up more space than just an inverter alone
  • additional solar panels - not really a disadvantage, but when you want to store and use solar energy, you will require the installation of additional solar panels to help create it

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Posted: Friday 3 December 2021

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