What Are My Solar Battery Storage Options?

Solar batteries store the excess energy collected by your panels, and which you were unable to use at the time. This energy is then used at night, during power cuts or on cloudy days when there is little or no solar energy available. There are three common types of solar batteries you will come across:

  • Lithium-ion batteries - these are the most popular battery storage option, charge faster and have a higher maximum depth of discharge. or DoD. This means that more of the energy stored can be discharged based upon the battery capacity, so have a longer lifespan. Lithium-ion batteries are also pre-wired for faster installation, take up less space due to their smaller size and as no volatile gases are expelled, can be stored inside without a venting system
  • Lead-acid batteries - preferred for off grid usage, they have a lower DoD and a shorted lifespan, but are usually cheaper and tolerant of over-charging.
  • Lithium iron phosphate batteries(LifePo4) - known as the battery of the future, these are deep cycle batteries and have a longer life cycle than lithium-ion batteries. Containing non toxic materials of iron, graphite and copper, they have a very high safety rating.

The type of battery storage required will depend upon your system type and inverter. We can assist you in selecting the most suitable battery for your system; please get in touch.

Why Use Solar Battery Storage?

The major benefit of being able to store solar energy is the ability to user it at a later time. There are also other benefits too, including:

  • grid feed in tariffs are low in comparison to the grid prices, making an incentive to use the power your system generates
  • should there be a power cut caused by an event such as a storm or accident, your battery storage provides you with an alternative energy source
  • battery storage is becoming more affordable, and thanks to the more efficient and longer lasting lithium-ion batteries

Your Best solar Battery storage options

When choosing your battery storage, as mentioned, your current system will impact upon what your best options are. Let's take a look at our current solar battery storage options:

  • Alpha ESS Smile 5 - an all-in-one battery and inverter system, this offers the very best in hybrid inverter technology. Is also available in 3kw retrofit, as well as 5kw for single phase and 10kw for 3 phase inverters.
  • SolaX Triple Power Modules - has a 90% DoD and a cycle life of 6000 times, floor or wall mounted, a small occupation area and 99% Faradic Charge Efficiency.
  • Amass Lithium Low Voltage Battery - supports Parallel expansion and up to 4 parallels, has a long cycle life of 6000 times, wall or floor mounted and is compatible with multi-brand storage inverters.
  • Pylontech Low Voltage Lithium Battery - compatible with most available Hybrid invertors, it has an LFP cell inside for long life and high safety, a short installation time, with a modular and furniture like design to suit indoor and outdoor installation.
  • GoodWe BYD Battery Box - suitable for off-grid and high powered emergency backup functionality, compatible with one and three phase high voltage battery inverters, and provides maximum safety, life cycle and capable of the highest efficiency. 

With over 50 years combined experience in PV solar systems here in New Zealand, you can rely upon the team at Taranaki Solar to meet your solar system requirements. We are more than happy to meet up and chat about your residential or commercial solar needs and look forward to you making contact with us.

Posted: Wednesday 14 September 2022

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